Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm taking this opportunity to "Toot my own horn". My book is done and available! If you know someone (son, daughter, nephew, niece, cousin, friend) who might be interested in a novel of young adult fantasy, you can purchase it at Amazon. Please visit the book's Facebook page and become a fan. If you or someone you know purchases the book join the Where's Jinda? photo page on Facebook, our goal is to post a picture of a reader with the book from every landmark, town, city, state, and country. Help us!

Because I've unabashedly promoted my book and announced its release, I invite all my readers to "Crow like Peter Pan" and tell us about a recent accomplishment. Too often in our society we dampen our achievements. It's unseemly to beat your chest and pronounce I've done something great. Well, not here. Not now. Take advantage. Don't be shy. Tell us what you've done. We will all be excited, enthralled, and enthusiastic to hear.

1 comment:

  1. What? No one is tooting their horn?

    OK, I'm not shy: I've had my own column in Watercolor Magazine, written for American Artist Mag, worked with 8 galleries over the years. Had paintings accepted into national shows..

    Managed to stay married to the same man for 28 years (this week). Have kept in touch with my childhood friends - and best of all, grew up in a verbally abusive family and yet made something of myself - although my mother said "You'll never do anything right".

    Anyone else? Doesn't have to be a big thing... we all have something we've accomplished - especially if we're more than 5 years old.