Friday, September 3, 2010


It's been eight months since my last post. You'd think something would have happened in my life that would give me fodder for some interesting blog post. But you'd be wrong. However, I've had several friends undergo some serious changes. One friend and her family moved from Denmark (after ten years) to New York City. Another changed careers, from a scholastic environment to a more traditional business one. Another friend split from his wife with their relationship heading toward divorce. My in-laws nearly drowned in a boating accident. My sister moved to Texas with her husband to Fort Bliss. A friend of mine bought a REAL fixer-upper, his first house purchase in over twenty years. A woman friend of mine so dreaded turning 40 she nearly had a nervous breakdown, and now that she's passed that milestone, has embraced it and started a blog discussing her newfound appetite for life. And, me? Well, I'm just the same. A straight line. Like the Seinfeld episode when George's life is on the rise, Elaine's is plummeting and Jerry loses a $20 bill only to find a replacement in an old coat. Even. Always even. I've always wondered what it would be like to live a life full of excitement and drama. But I don't think it's meant to be. With Hurricane Earl about to slam into New England, I realize I will never be a part of those swirling winds and sheathing rains of life. I will always be the eye of the storm. Steady, boring, calm. But a safe harbor which my friends can always rely on.

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  1. Hi Jack, Good to hear from you. I guess if you're surrounded by such interesting people, then it makes sense for you to be the calm one. Everyone needs a friend like that.

    Wish I could be up there this fall... too much to do, but am working on a series of paintings of Acadia- possibly for gallery representation!

    Thanks for all you do.