Saturday, July 11, 2009

Erratica (def: useless data and unanswerable questions)

Why don’t people change the roll of toilet paper? They leave one sheet on the old roll, open a new roll, but don’t put the new roll on the dispenser. When did this become rocket science?

When did it become okay to pass a car(making a left turn) in the breakdown lane?

I'm reading a biography of Woody Guthrie and thinking about the current events surrounding Steve Mcnair and Michael Jackson, and wondering why we allow genius to override basic social decency? These men are not heroes.

When did it become okay NOT to use your blinkers?

Why do some people insist on calling me “buddy” when I’ve just met them?

When did it become okay to use a motel’s towels to wipe down your car, or your motorcycle, or your bicycle, or your pet monkey’s ass?

Why do women always want to know what their men are “thinking?” They know exactly what we are thinking, since we only “think” about one thing.

Men don’t lose the hair on their heads, it simply migrates somewhere else. For example, my head has less hair, but my eyebrows are fabulous.

Is it my imagination or are all the politicians getting caught cheating on their wives, or taking graft, devout Christians? In this regard, The Family is a must read. And why aren’t Christians more outraged by the behavior of the people representing them?

Why do people leave the shower curtain outside the tub when taking a shower?

Why are most people embarrassed about perfectly natural bodily functions?

Does it bother anyone else knowing that President Obama is somewhere in the White House lighting up a cigarette? Or is it just cool? I can’t decide.

Why do Chuck Taylor’s cost $40? They’re made in China now, there is no reason for this.

Why are an overwhelming majority of literary agents women? And, is this skewing what’s getting published?

The older I get, the less I know.

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