Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My mind is blank. I’ve haven’t written a new post in quite some time because not a new thought has come to me. I’m thought-less. This happens to me every once and a while; my brain shuts down any new critical thinking. It’s the summer, so maybe like the rest of America it’s on vacation. A temporary plant shut down and a mandatory leave of absence. I’m bothered by it.

I should be able to write something pithy about Congress’s inability to put aside their individual wants and act for the good of the nation.

I should be able to write something encouraging for the troops who continue to fight against a ghost-like foe with the morals of an anvil.

I should be able to write something scathing about banks who show huge profits only because they have sold off assets and laid off employees; and about Wall Street who finds these gains somehow encouraging.

I should be able to write something clever discussing how I fixed the toilet in room 16. Down goes the whale!

I should be able to write something critical about the Red Sox furiously frustrating ability to leave men on third with less than two outs.

I should be able to write something. Anything. But I can’t. It’s summer, and my mind is on vacation.


  1. Glad you got the whale (toilet in 16) under control. Maybe when things are going smoothly at work and home, there's not much to talk about.

    It's OK. You're not obligated to write anything... I do need to complete a blog for American Artist in the next few hours, and it's weighing on me.

    So be happy and don't worry :-) Just enjoy life as it is while you have it.

  2. Just happened on to your blog ... What a hoot! ... When did you become such a witty satirist?
    You should write a book or something .... Find me on facebook, Gary